Who Are SkillWise?

Welcome to SkillWise. The number one Apprenticeship provider dedicated to helping UK SME businesses invest in their future. 

Our Mission is 'To help learners and UK businesses invest in their future' and at SkillWise, we realise the pressures of being a small Business Owner and taking the time out to train an Apprentice is just an added pressure. Of course, they need some training and guidance, but you need someone who's going to come in and add value to your organisation right from the start and we've got that covered.

We realise that you need to be guaranteed that this Programme is going to work for you. That's why we're throwing all of our resources at this to ensure that we not only get the highest quality candidate for you from the start; we're also going to provide you and your learner with a huge amount of ongoing support:

Option 1

I'd like you to recruit a highly trained Apprentice to work alongside me.


Option 2

Train one of my existing staff to support with marketing and social media.