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It’s pretty difficult to scale your business without staff. The SkillWise Apprenticeship initiative is what entrepreneurs have been looking for. The right attitude, right skills and ready to add value. Fantastic concept. A no-brainer.

1.png- Martin Norbury : Martin J Norbury                         


This is a fantastic opportunity - if this had been around when I left school I wouldn't have hesitated to jump on board...an awesome combination of experience and qualifications! 

4.pngKatie Bulmer-Cooke : Entrepreneur | Professional Speaker | TV Presenter


Recruiting an Apprentice back in 2012 totally transformed my business. It’s an absolute must for any forward-thinking business, particularly now that they’ll have all this extra training provided by SkillWise.


3.png- Mathew Butler : Video Strategy Expert | Business Video Expert


What a fantastic idea! We frequently use Apprentices from an Accounting perspective but to have a marketing-trained social media Apprentice working within the business will be a wonderful, cost-effective solution to help us grow even further. Considering what we pay in recruitment and training fees, this is a real bargain!

4.png- Aynsley Damery : CEO Tayabali Tomlin





Option 1

I'd like you to recruit a highly trained Apprentice to work alongside me.


Option 2

Train one of my existing staff to support with marketing and social media.