Check out some of the great marketing examples that some of our Apprentices have been creating for their businesses.

Remember, an Apprentice is not the finished article and will need some guidance, but I think it's fair to say that it would be hard to tell the difference between the quality of this work and a University Marketing Graduate.  The examples below are from Apprentices who had only been in their placement for 2 months!


Direct Mail Example

Check out this great piece of work that the Prompt PC Apprentice put together with his employer.  They clearly understand the 3Ms (Market, Message, Media) and have relayed the perfect message that their products and services allow their clients to take a break, whilst Prompt PC take care of their problem. Great imagination and very well presented pieces of marketing.


Cardiff Training Center

Webpage, Video & Blog Example

Check out this great example of a webpage, video and blog article provided by the Apprentice at Clear Sky I.T. The Apprentice also saved the business hundreds of pounds by creating a new company logo and various other icons to be used on Social Media streams. 

The Apprentice has also been responsible for updating the webpage and putting some great content out on social media. A great job all around.

Cardiff Training Center

Blogs, Press Coverage & Social Media

The Pebble Sanctuary Apprentice has had a great first few months in her business. Prior to her arrival, the business' social media presence was pretty much non existent. They've now got a great new look and a strong following on all social media channels and she's even brought in 16 new customers in one day off the back of one simple promotion. She's also been getting some great PR coverage in the local newspapers. Not bad for someone who's only been in the business two months!

Cardiff Training Center
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